VietCALL believes that Technology and AI will transform language teaching and learning in Vietnam.

The Advisory Board will provide valuable insights and guidance to shape the future direction of VietCALL. They will be

  1. Providing strategic advice on the integration of technology in language education.
  2. Offering insights into current trends and emerging technologies.
  3. Participating in periodic meetings and discussions to help steer VietCALL’s initiatives.

Advisory Board

Professor Dr. Andrew Lian, Suranaree University of Technology, President of AsiaCALL, President of ICTE

Professor Dr. Andrew Lian is a Professor of Foreign Language Studies at the School of Foreign Languages, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand; he specializes in the methodology of teaching foreign/second languages and has had a special interest in the uses of modern technology to enhance learning since the late 1970s. He is one of the pioneers of Technology-Enhanced language learning in Australia. Prior to this appointment, he was Professor and Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Western Illinois University in the United States. Prior to that, he had been Professor of Humanities and Director of the Center for the Study of Languages at Rice University, Houston, TX, USA, and Professor and Head of the School of Languages and International Education at the University of Canberra in Australia. He has held further Professorial appointments and has been Head of Department at two other universities in Australia (James Cook University and Bond University). His current research interests are in the area of self-adjusting and self-organizing (language/culture-) learning environments based on rhizomatic approaches to (language/culture-) learning and the generation of personal learning environments within a 21st-century perspective. Consequently, he is also interested in developing and using multimedia databases in (language/culture)-teaching and learning. More details can be found at and He can be reached at President at (Orcid) (Scopus)