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Association of Information and Communication Technology Application into teaching and learning of foreign languages ​​in Vietnam, (hereinafter referred to as VietCALL) is a non-profit social and professional organization, voluntarily established, for the purpose of promoting research, testing, teaching and knowledge transferring in the areas related to the application of Information and Communication Technology in teaching and learning in general, and in foreign language learning in particular.

VietCALL shall be a leading NPO in Southeast Asia for promoting ICT in language  teaching & learning, connecting global and local resources for ICT development in Vietnam.


VietCALL is an NPO which provides language teachers a community of practice in Computer Assisted Language Learning, promotes ICT literacy among English learners, and develops 21st century skills for educators/learners in Vietnam. VietCALL aims at training every single teacher of English in CALL so that they will use technology in their daily lessons and 90% Vietnamese teachers use online courses for professional development in 2020.

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