Kính gửi quý thầy/cô thuộc các sở GD có nhận được Công văn số 351/CV-ĐANN-ĐHHN ngày 30/10/2015 về việc triệu tập lớp học bồi dưỡng có yếu tố nước ngoài. khai giảng ngày 10 tháng 11 năm 2015 tại trường ĐH Ngoại ngữ Đà Nẵng.

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VietCALL provides updated news, forums and useful courses to enhance the use of technologies in teaching and learning foreign languages, especially English in Vietnam.

  • Introduction to ICT courses on VietCALL

    VietCALL is a Learning Management System offering many useful courses which assist teachers of English in Vietnam  to meet the proficiency goals established by the NFL2020 Initiative. Through computer-assisted language learning, teachers and students of English will be able to increase their exposure to the language and to native speakers of the language. This will increase the proficiency level of both teachers and students. The website for Computer-Assisted Language Learning in Vietnam. Educators, linguists and language teachers are all welcomed to participate and contribute.

    Thanks are to the Head Master of the site, The University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Danang, and VietCALL members for the great support and contribution to the development of VietCALL.

    "Computers will not replace teachers, however teachers who use computers will replace teachers who don’t.” (Dr. Ray Clifford, 1983)


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